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As we all know, LinkedIn is the No. 1 worldwide for professional social networks.

You be able to increase your visibility on the LinkedIn platform, it is essential that your profile or your company has a page to be followed.

Buying LinkedIn followers will allow you to be more credible by dramatically increasing the number of actual followers.

Some tips to improve your visibility on LinkedIn:


1. Have a complete profile

Whether it is for your personal profile, or for a company, it is important to take the time to properly complete your bio on LinkedIn.

By having a detailed profile, you will have a more professional and serious image.


2. Publish content

It is also important to post content regularly, either by sharing pictures or videos.


3. Think about doing cross-channel

It is often considered that YouTube videos shared on LinkedIn are very popular with the LinkedIn community.

It is therefore advisable to share the various links or accounts that you have on LinkedIn.


4. Share a maximum of quality content

When we talk about useful content, it means sharing content that you are good at, that stays in your industry and that your followers can benefit from.

This will be a good way to spread the word about your knowledge, your company and also help your community grow by attracting other people with the same interests as you.


5. Understand the LinkedIn algorithm

Several social networks use algorithms to highlight your content.

It is essential to make quality content and create a real engagement with your audience.

It is the sharing of your content and the interaction on your publication that will allow you to be more visible and therefore to positively influence the LinkedIn algorithm


6. Invite your employees

Having a maximum of your employees, colleagues or associates on your professional page is a plus for you.

They will be able to share, comment on, like your publications and in other words be the distributors of your content.


7. Share content with multiple languages

If your brand, product or service is suitable for different customers from different countries, then it is advisable to communicate in different languages.


8. Advertise on LinkedIn

Apart from organic reach, you can also advertise on LinkedIn.

You can then distribute them in text ads (CPC or CPM ads, which appear everywhere on the site), or even sponsored InMail, an e-mailing system specific to LinkedIn, which allows you to communicate by message private with network members.

These advertisements are obviously paid.


9. The creation of showcase pages

You can also create showcase pages that act as subdomains of your business page and help you publicize specific information about your product or service.


10. Analyze all of your actions

To better understand the effect of each of your actions on LinkedIn, you can use the LinkedIn Analytics tool. This will help you see which content worked the most and not and analyze your audience.

An excellent tool for analyzing your web marketing.