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SoundCloud is a collaborative audio distribution platform on which users can promote and distribute their music.


Why buy Soundcloud plays?

As you might expect, popular titles get a lot of readings. A large number of plays will give you the popularity you want for your music.

Seeing music that has been listened to several times will encourage other Sound cloud subscribers to listen to your song, to subscribe to your account and why not to also share your songs.


How to improve your Sound cloud profile?

- Choose an original username and make sure you write it correctly


- Have a profile photo that is unique and which reflects your personality or musical universe. (We advise you to use a square image, you can upload 800 × 800 pixels, but always less than 2MB)


- You can also customize the header of your page, this is no longer reserved for "Premium" accounts (so choose an image with the right dimensions 2480 x 520 pixels)


-It is always advisable to include links to your website and / or that of your label and other corresponding social media profiles.


-In the description section of your profile, do not hesitate to include a nice description of your musical universe (bio)


- Normally, your new sounds will always appear first, but if you are a Premium user, The Spotlight feature will allow you to pin your old songs to the top of your profile page and thus draw more attention to those titles.


-It is important to connect with other artists and labels on Soundcloud


-In order to gain visibility, follow other accounts, to encourage them to follow you too.