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Spotify is a digital streaming service offering music, podcasts, and videos, as well as access to millions of songs and other content from artists around the world.


Why buy plays on Spotify?

Buying plays on Spotify allows you to climb the rankings in no time.

This is indeed the ideal way to boost your reputation on the web and improve your SEO on Spotify.


How to optimize your profile on Spotify?

Personalize and update your profile

The bio: Have a quick and simple description of your identity


Select or pin impactful content: Pin (that is, showcase) a playlist on your profile, from the announcement of your next concert or single.


Image gallery: It is important to complete your gallery with 4-5 photos chosen by you and which reflect your artistic universe.


Take the time to analyze your statistics

Spotify for Artists provides artists with statistics about their music and fans.). Make the most of this tool which will allow you to fully understand your audience.

To be “playlisted” by Spotify

There is a team on Spotify that takes care of creating Spotify playlists for free thus allowing artists to get better known.

To have the chance to meet this team, you will have to go to Spotify Analytics and give them the title you want.