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It is very important to verify that you have inserted the correct link, in order to receive the views on time.


* It is very important to verify that you have inserted the correct link, in order to receive the views on time.

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YouTube is a platform that allows you to watch videos, upload content to your own channel and interact with other users via likes, comments or shares.


Benefits of buying YouTube views?

Users are more likely to be drawn to videos with high views. By purchasing views, you will be more visible, popular and gain higher notoriety.


Our tips to improve your YouTube channel.

-Optimization of your YouTube channel

To avoid mistakes in the choice of relevant keywords, it is advisable to use the following tools:

• YouTube suggest

• Google AdWords Suggest


These tools will allow you to define a lexical field adapted to the needs of Internet users in search engines and to increase the visibility of your videos. It is also very important to describe properly your video with researched keywords in order to optimize your visibility strategy.


You can also create annotations at the start, end, or throughout the video. This may encourage people to interact with you (subscribe, comment or share) and develop your audience.


Never forget to describe your video correctly with keywords that link them to your website. In addition, YouTube offers a sidebar dedicated to suggestions of similar channels, so it will be appropriate to use specific terms to your theme in order to be visible to potential visitors.

It is also advisable to remain constant and regular by posting videos frequently, in order to retain your audience.


In order to increase the number of views and convert as many Internet users as possible, you will need to post videos more or less frequently depending on your activity. YouTube makes a "package" of different functions available to its users. Thus, you have the possibility to design and administer "playlists” to classify your content according to its nature (Advertising, contests, information, tests, themes, etc.).


It is also important to configure the shares that you want to disseminate to Internet users, to respond / moderate all comments, positive or negative:


If you want to create a networking strategy, it is important, in the description of each video, to orient the user by inserting an outgoing link to a deep page of your site. This will allow you to create a gateway and therefore increase your traffic.


You can also post your videos on sharing sites, blogs, in order to reach new communities, increase the number of views and promote your channel.


This networking and dissemination strategy aims to increase your notoriety and your traffic.