Increase your Instagram reach by posting quality content and unique photos.

How to make your Instagram feed attractive and reach more instagrammers?

First, if you want your page to be seen by more followers, you will need to have a public account.

What is the purpose of buying likes and followers?

When you create an Instagram account for your business or for your personal purpose, you can use the natural method.

However, it will take longer to increase your visibility, as well as your number of followers and likes.

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Please find below some powerful ways to increase your visibility on Instagram:

  1. It is important to have a good bio that will make people want to subscribe to your page.

  2. Work on your content in order to have a great feed.

    Story-telling on Instagram is the art of telling a story in one image and knowing how to arouse emotion in Instagrammers.

  3. Choose the correct filter, a preset that matches perfectly the mood of the page or the subject you are talking about, which will harmonize your Instagram feed.

  4. The use of hashtags is very important especially when you want to naturally attract a specific audience to your Instagram page.

    Kindly note that you must not use more than 30 hashtags per post.

  5. Have you heard of the shadow ban?

    Although Instagram has not yet confirmed this type of action,some users have been talking about it on the internet. It happens in some cases that your content is no longer visible in Instagram feeds, if the algorithm considers that you have used a banned hashtag for example or simply if you have modified your post more than 3 times.

  6. Plan your publications,to be regular with your audience and interact often with your subscribers.

  7. Analyze Instagram statistics, to be able to understand the habits of your followers and know when and at what time to post a photo.

  8. There is like a code on Instagram: i.e. to remain courteous with your community, by following the page of those who are your followers, and /or to like posts of those who have just liked your photos.

  9. Try to be original and creative by developing your own style on instagram.

  10. Stay regular in your posts. For example post photos, 3 times a week and you use tools like Hootsuite to schedule them.

  11. Interact with your followers through your stories.

  12. When you interact with your followers on Instagram,it will definitely make your page look more dynamic.

    Instagram via your story, provides you with emojis, stickers to make interactivity more interesting, especially with:

    • polls

    • countdowns

    • the quiz

    • the emojis sliders

    • private discussions

  13. Follow accounts that have things in common with your posts or business.

  14. Switch from a simple personal account to a professional account.

    A professional account gives you access to Instagram Insights. This information will help you better understand the interactions on your page.

  15. Geotag your posts and stories

  16. Share the posts of the people in your community, to encourage them to also share your posts on their page or in their stories.

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