Created in China, Tiktok or Douyin is the app which is the most famous amongst young people today.

Launched in September 2016, several stars, influencers have an account on it.

This platform allows you to share videos. The idea is to allow Tiktok users to dance by playing back and choosing songs. This application is often used for humorous purposes and allows you to participate in different challenges thanks to its effects and filters.

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Some tips to improve your Tik Tok account

  • It is important to personalize your profile

  • Stay original and passionate

  • Create short videos

  • Create interesting content

  • Don't forget to be regular in your publications

  • Know how to identify the ideal day and time to post videos at the right time

  • From time to time participate in challenges

  • Share your videos on other social networks

  • Do not hesitate to comment on videos of people who follow you, to encourage them to comment on your videos too.